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    Discover Our Difference

    We are creating a culture of excellence, centred around you and your family.

    We believe in a medical facility which serves the entire family, which doesn't send you to other facilities to get pieces of your diagnosis. A facility focused on saving you time and extended hours to fit your schedule.

    We are constantly adding more facilities and adding more services to our current facilities. Please join us on our journey to the future of health care in America.

    Our Vision is to deliver an exceptional healthcare experience for every person, every time.


    To best serve our patients and their families, we've developed a culture of excellence that provides care based on our vision, mission and values.

    Our mission is to improve and manage the health of the people we serve by providing and assuring access to affordable, high-quality health care, and by promoting the health and well-being of everyone who walks in our door.

    Efficiency & Quality.

    For decades health care facilities have been categorized based on health problems, Texas Specialty Clinic strives to change that and bring the focus back to the patient. We promise to serve and care for you, any age or gender, with health problems mild or severe, injury or chronic issues. It is about your convenience and comfort.

    We are committed to providing the highest quality of care in most efficient manner. This commitment requires interdisciplinary teams, made up of physicians, assistants, nurses, technicians and many others working together following strict and thorough protocols to diagnose and treat quickly.

    Texas Specialty Clinic

    At Texas Specialty Clinic, our mission is to provide primary and urgent care services to you and to all of your family members from children, seniors, and adults, at all of our locations throughout the DFW metroplex.

    Putting patient’s health care as our first priority. While waiting and suffering for many hours in a hospital waiting rooms, or other texas specialty clinics, we offer the best option to walk-in or to make an appointment. Our physicians and staff members will listen and treat you the best way as you want to be treated.

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