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  • Prolonged Standing Can Hurt Your Legs And Feet?
  • Prolonged Standing Can Hurt Your Legs And Feet?

      01/05/2023      Oliver

    Prolonged standing can hurt your legs and feet?

    The majority of individuals are unaware that even when they are standing still, the muscles in their feet and legs are active. To keep the body stable and balanced, they are constantly responding to the environment and making adjustments.

    If you spend most of the day standing due to your profession or an important event, your feet can suffer miserably, however, you might also have swollen ankle joints, calves, and feet in addition to hurting feet.

    Leg damage

    Why do your legs hurt?

    If you stand all day, your lower body's circulation needs to work harder to return blood to your heart, which can lead to swelling and pain. Blood that would typically pass quickly past, carrying oxygen and nutrients, becomes stuck in traffic congestion, causing fluid to seep from blood vessels into the surrounding tissue. Also, your lower body dries up more quickly. Leg cramps or back pain could develop as your lower body becomes fatigued. Furthermore, your lower arm or legs tire more quickly. Your legs may begin to cramp or you may experience back pain when your lower body grows fatigued.

    According to a recent study, standing all day can harm your health. The best course of action is to take good care of your body at work and home as you might not be able to quit your standing job any time soon.

    7 tips for maintaining your legs and feet

    maintaining legs and feet

    Take steps now to look after your body, health, and wellness if you intend to continue working standing up for a while. Seek professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from Texas Specialty Clinic. Always consult a medical expert before making any decision at (254) 324-7231.