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  • Avoiding New Year Resolution Fitness Injuries
  • Avoiding New Year Resolution Fitness Injuries

      12/23/2022      Aaron Jackson

    Avoiding new year resolution fitness injuries

    New year resolution is very common for most people. Working hard, exercising, losing weight and doing physical activities to maintain good health are some examples of new year's resolutions. Everyone is positive and motivated about their resolution but only a few people work on it consistently to achieve their goals. Some people over-exercise to achieve their goals which can result in injuries.

    Excessive exercise causes most people to develop tendonitis, an inflammation of the tissue that connects muscles to bones. But ignoring this pain can lead to stress fractures, where bones start to break down. Fortunately, most stress fractures heal on their own if you stop doing some activities and let the injured part rest. Doctors typically recommend six to eight weeks of rest. More serious injuries need boots or crutches to recover.

    Overtraining syndrome is another problem that comes with over-exercising. It affects health in both ways mentally and physically. You experience fatigue, decreased motivation and performance, and constant muscle soreness.

    If you suffer from complications of fitness injuries, visit Texas Specialty Clinic for quality treatment and fast recovery. For an appointment, call us at (254) 324-7231.

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    What are the problems of over-exercising?

    A new year is more motivational than usual because it feels like you have to turn the clock back and start over. For those who don't exercise regularly or have low activity levels, sudden transitions and over-exercising can lead to injury, burnout and other health problems.

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    How to avoid fitness injuries

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    This new year workout safely and follow the methods mentioned above to avoid injuries during workouts. If you suffer injuries, visit Texas Specialty Clinic to recover faster, dial (254) 324-7231 to book an appointment.