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  • What is a Primary Care Physician?
  • What is a Primary Care Physician?

      09/27/2022      Emily

    What Is A Primary Care Physician?

    Primary care treatment done by a physician

    Staying healthy is more important than going to the doctor when getting sick. It’s about having a healthcare service provider team that not only addresses health concerns and illnesses but also takes a proactive approach to help anyone stay healthy.

    A primary care physician or specialist plays an important role to keep anyone healthy. They are often the first to connect the patient to provide health care facilities to live a healthier life. Primary care physicians provide care for preventing, treating, and curing common illnesses, and promoting better health.

    Research shows that having access to primary care physicians directly impacts the health and wellness of the public.

    What Does A Primary Care Physician Do?

    A primary care physician provides general healthcare, basically addressing a wide variety of health coverage for patients. They are the first person, anyone, talks to if he/she has a health issue. Anyone might reach out to them for :

    If a patient is more familiar with the doctor then he/she delivers more personalized care.

    Primary care physician with the patient

    Education And Training Of Primary Care Physicians

    The educational path for a primary care physician begins with earning an undergraduate degree in pre-med or the sciences from an approved school. From school, physicians begin specific medical training, which involves :

    When physicians have met all requirements then it is considered that physician’s training is complete. At that time, they may take the exam by either the American Board of Family Medicine or the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians to get the certification.

    As physicians are near the end of their residency training, they can apply for a license in the state which will allow them to practice as a board-certified family doctors. The license part involves passing level 3 of the COMLEX-USA or step 3 of the USMLE.

    Primary care specialists

    What Conditions Can Be Treated By Primary Care Physicians?

    A primary care physician is basically a health care manager. The primary care physician is who has to available if anyone has the flu, needs vaccinations, needs diabetes medications, or wants to lose weight. Primary care physicians are trained to handle all aspects of healthcare.

    They help to manage the health of patients by providing routine physicals, preventive care, immunizations, and wellness screenings. They also provide diagnostic facilities for common illnesses and chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

    Our primary care physician can also treat conditions of depression and anxiety.

    What Are The Reasons To See A Primary Care Physician?

    Unlike most other doctors or specialists, Patient doesn’t see their primary care physician only when they are sick. You may also see them :

    Our primary care physician can help you reach your best health potential.

    For better health conditions a patient needs to see primary care physicians on the regular basis.

    As we understand the importance of primary care physicians. Our experts at Texas Specialty Clinic are always there to help you to access primary care physicians. Our Team provides you with the best primary care physicians. If anyone needs a primary care physician, connect with us at (469) 545-9983.