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  • When Does Wound Need Stitches?
  • When Does Wound Need Stitches?

      11/28/2022      Aaron Jackson

    When Does Wound Need Stitches?


    Cut, fall, or bad knock suddenly can cause a wound. Examples of wounds are cuts, lacerations, and grazes. Cuts are generally caused due to sharp objects like knives, blades, broken glass, and metal sheets. Grazes (also called abrasion) is a superficial injury in which the top layer of skin is damaged by friction. Grazes can occur when a person falls off a skateboard or bicycle and the body crosses the ground. "Road rash" is the term used to describe injuries caused by cyclists and motorcyclists rubbing their skin against the road surface. A laceration is a tear in skin tissue caused by shear or crushing forces. Injuries are often because of blunt force trauma. A laceration can also be described as an incomplete separation of strong tissue elements such as blood vessels and nerves.

    What Are Stitches?

    Your skin's stitches function similarly to the ones in your clothes as a strand of thread to hold things together. They are composed of a variety of materials, including silk and nylon. Some even dissolve on their own, like the ones used for oral injuries.

    Stitching is important when needed for the following reasons:

    how long does it take for stitches to dissolve

    Call for emergency if the wound is severe, dial 911 if the wound is:

    how to remove stitches

    When does the wound need stitches?

    A wound may require stitches or other medical procedures if it meets any of the following criteria:

    A cut may not require medical attention if:

    Getting Stitches at Texas Specialty Clinic:

    What to do before reaching the doctor?

    If you experience a severe wound, visit the doctor immediately to avoid more damage in the future, contact Texas Specialty Clinics to heal faster, call us at (254) 324-7231, and get treatment from experienced doctors.