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    The presences of different physical, chemical and biological agents in the workplace conditions are responsible for affecting the normal physiological mechanisms and deterioration of health of the workers.

    Texas Specialty Clinic is an occupational health service for both employees and the employers that provide exceptional medical care to injured workers and focused on recovering and returning of the workers to their works as soon as possible. The employers can rest assured with the services that meet the regulatory requirements, reduce risk, maintain a healthy and productive workforce, and manage workers’ compensation claims efficiently.

    Serving injured workers

    We offer quality medical cares to injured workers, that aim to achieve speedy recovery and return to work for them. We provide employers with services to meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk, maintain a healthy and productive workforce, and also manage workers compensation claims efficiently.

    Vaccines For Employees

    Texas Specialty Clinic offers a complete array of immunizations from annual flu shots to specialized vaccines for your employees. Immunization is the best way to prevent disease and keep the workforce stay healthy and productive. It also conforms to the health policies in some industries.

    Standard Drug Tests

    Drug testing can be confusing. Terminology varies, and tests offered by different organizations with the same name more than likely test for different drugs. As a result, it is hard for most employers to know what they are buying and why.

    Consistent and Certified Testing Results
    Texas Specialty Clinic provides both DOT and non-DOT drug tests including collection, analysis and Medical Review Officer( MRO ) services when applicable and reporting.