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    Pains or disorders of your feet and ankle can impede your movements and independence. Our Podiatry services provide relief and cure of all health problems relating to your feet and lower limbs. Whether it is an injury from an accident or sports, an ingrown toenail, foot ulcers, severe sepsis, congenital or accidental foot deformities or functional problems, the Podiatry department at the Texas specialty clinic is one place where you will receive a high quality and professional treatments for them all.

    Our team is comprised of podiatrists, podiatry assistants, podiatric surgeons, and administrative support who use the latest instruments and their deep experiences to assess, diagnose and treat the most complicated of podiatry problems.

    Speedy improvement of your mobility and thus the quality of life is ensured by early intervention and management that include -

    • General chiropody treatment
    • Gait analysis / Biomechanics
    • Nail surgery
    • Early assessment and prevention of underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Ulcer debridement and off-loading and maintenance of tissue viability.
    • Education and advice to help you self-manage any problems.

    In case you are homebound, we can also provide a domiciliary care service to you.

    Chiropody treatment

    We understand how important it is to treat your foot pain or injuries so that you get back to your normal life quickly. Chiropody or foot care treatments at the Texas Speciality Clinic work on the basis of proper assessment of the disorders of the feet and lower limbs, including deformities of the foot, various foot infections, and movement issues, all of which affect your quality of life so badly. Our chiropody services include callus or corn removal, expert toe care with nail buffing, and professional foot massage. These involve manual therapy, strengthening exercises, custom orthotics, and other strategies to alleviate chronic pains or other symptoms.

    Nail surgery

    Nail surgery is painless, minor operation process to remove involuted, thickened, and ingrown toenails that cause too much pain. Nail surgery is done routinely to remove either part or the entire toenail and the nail bed is treated to prevent unwanted and painful regrowth. The procedure is carried out after anesthetizing the area of the surgery to ensure that the patient do not feel any pain.

    Gait analysis / Biomechanics

    The gait of a person is the way he/she walks. Some people develop abnormal gait when the walking mechanism in their bodies do not function in the usual way. This may happen due to various reasons that include -

    • Illness
    • Injury
    • Genetic factors
    • Abnormalities in the legs or feet

    Sometimes gait abnormalities may get corrected on their own but in many people improper gait remains to be a permanent disorder that can lead to bigger health issues such as -

    • Musculoskeletal problems (from altering movements to compensate for pain or discomfort)
    • Cardiovascular health issues (due to inactivity)
    • Mental health issues (depression, loss of independence, etc.)

    This explains as to why gait analysis is so important. Our biomechanics team studies the way a person walks or runs to observe his/her unique movements, determine normal gait patterns, diagnose how the abnormalities are causing pain and treat them comprehensively so that the person gets to the correct gait. The treatment program often include exercises, footwear modification, using orthotic devices, applying steroid injection therapy or acupuncture