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    A Travel medicine program helps you enjoy your vacation in good health

    Vacation is hard earned in today’s hectic and somewhat complicated life. You must have planned meticulously to gift your family a rejoicing nature vacation abroad. But are you aware of the possible health issues relating to the place you have selected, which can spoil your fun?

    Texas Specialty Clinic offers you a comprehensive travel medicine program to make your trip a happy and enjoyable one. This is a multidisciplinary specialty that saves your family from the potential health risks in the foreign land you are traveling, that contours aspects of infectious disease, public health, tropical medicine, wilderness medicine, and appropriate immunization.

    The health of your family during and after the travel will be secured through our pre and post-travel consultations, immunizations, and other customized health recommendations and services. Our team consists of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners with expertise in travel medicine.

    Main components of our travel medicine program:

    Vaccination: Pre-travel vaccination is of cardinal importance to preempt diseases. There are -

    Routine vaccinations such as Tetanus, Polio, and MMR.
    Recommendable vaccinations such as Hepatitis A & B, Influenza, Typhoid, etc.
    Situation or history based vaccinations such as Yellow fever, encephalitis, Dengue, etc.

    Our specialists will tell you accurately about the vaccinations required for your travel plan or you may visit the Web sites for the Centers for Disease Control or World Health Organization for more information.

    Medicine kit: Our travel medicine kit gives you solutions to some common medical problems during traveling, such as -

    • Wounds,
    • Incidental pains,
    • Cough & cold, and
    • Stomach upset.

    Our travel medicine kit also includes -

    • Medicines that you have been using to deal with any chronic disease(diabetes, asthma, etc.).
    • Thermometer
    • Industrial strength mosquito repellent,
    • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
    • Water purification tablets ( not the chlorine ones )
    • Sunscreen.

    Safety Tips

    Our team will share knowledge with you about safe foods and drinks in the country you are traveling, how to get fast medical care in case of emergency, about the threat of mosquitoes and malaria.