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  • Exercise and lifting routine for Herniated Disc suggestions
  • Exercise and lifting routine for Herniated Disc suggestions

      10/31/2022      Amber

    Exercise and lifting routine for Herniated Disc suggestions

    Generally, when people suffer from any bone-related injury, many thoughts cross their minds that when they will be normal again, how long they have to be like this, and if they can perform their routine activities or not. Among these questions, one query is also common, if they can perform physical activities or simply can hit the gym (for some people). Then the answer to this simple query is YES.

    In the case of a herniated disc, one can get afraid because it is related to the spinal cord where the nervous system lies. And, if the problem gets serious, can cause some serious threats too. But the herniated disc is treatable with proper medication and under the guidance of a good orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon.

    To answer your questions, we at the Texas Specialty Care clinic provide you with physical therapy services that will suggest you solutions to your problem.

    Knee-to-chest bend

    Exercise and lifting routine for Herniated Disc suggestions?

    A herniated disc sometimes causes nerve damage if there is a major rupture around it. During lifting weights or heavy exercise, it is really important to follow your physiotherapist’s guidance and only do what he recommended. Although, there are some common exercises one can perform while having herniated disc let’s just see them :

    Stretches can be helpful for a herniated disc to provide relief for back pain. But, not every stretch exercise is recommended.

    Cat and cow pose

    There are more stretches that include neck stretches, wall sits, partial crunches, pelvic tilts, and swimming. All these stretches are beneficial for strengthening the leg, stomach, back, and neck muscles.

    Now dive deeper and know what can be the exercises because till now we have discussed only some stretches.


    Yoga pose

    There are some exercises that are avoidable when you have herniated disc. They can be full sit-ups, crunches, heavy weight lifting, excessive athletic activities, and super core strength training.

    Herniated disc

    It is very crucial to take advice from a physiotherapist before performing any major exercise cause this can put a lot of pressure on your spinal cord and the nerves around it. For any query call Texas Specialty Clinic at (469)545-9983.