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  • Should I go to the hospital after fainting?
  • Should I go to the hospital after fainting?

      11/17/2022      Amber

    Should I go to the hospital after fainting?

    More often fainting does not necessarily need emergency care if a patient regains consciousness within a minute. But you can opt for emergency care if you are seeing any symptoms that can be life-threatening or you are already in some critical condition and fainted while in it. We will discuss these conditions further in the blog.

    In technical terms, fainting also called syncope that is referred to the condition of temporarily losing consciousness due to a low level of blood flow to the brain. The severity of fainting depends on the underlying health conditions (such as low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, hypoglycemia, or stress)of that person. If the fainting is due to some health complication then it requires a medical professional’s attention.

    Fainting emergency

    What one can do if someone faints in front of him/her?

    Fainting is considered non-threatening if a person regains his senses after a while but if this does not happen then there can be other complications. In this condition, one can help the patient by providing first-aid emergency service right there. Let’s look into those services :-

    Now some other terms and conditions that can be followed to consult a doctor if you have fainted :-

    Before fainting what can be the symptoms?

    As understood by the above information that losing consciousness for a while due to a sudden drop in blood level reaching the brain, is known to be the condition of fainting.

    Before fainting, you can feel the sweating of palms, dizziness, lightheadedness, abnormal breathing (fast and deep breathing), momentarily weakened eyesight (seeing spots or lights, blurry vision), or nausea.

    Fainted from injury

    What can be the possible causes of fainting?

    There are a number of reasons that can bring you into a fainting state :-

    CPR for fainting

    For some people, fainting can also be due to malfunctioning of the autonomic nervous system that helps in regulating blood pressure and heart rate. This can be stimulated from :-

    What is the treatment provided to fainted person?

    A treatment procedure depends on the cause of fainting. For treatment procedures, you can also follow DRSABCD;

    Hence, the need to go to the hospital after fainting totally depends on the severity of the symptoms.

    Defibrillator for fainted

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