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  • What is the first thing to do when someone is choking?
  • What is the first thing to do when someone is choking?

      12/10/2022      Jennifer

    What is the first thing to do when someone is choking?

    Each year, hundreds of people are taken to the hospital right away after choking, and hundreds more of these cases result in death.

    Choking is when someone’s airway gets blocked partly or completely, and they are unable to breathe. The most common cause is food. Choking cuts off oxygen to the brain. Immediately give first aid if you or someone else is choking.

    Call Texas Specialty Clinic if the person is choking, has trouble breathing, or is unconscious.


    What are the signs that a person is choking?

    Signs that indicate a person is choking :

    Allow the person to continue coughing if they are choking and can do so. The following steps are recommended :

    The person will typically be able to speak, cry, cough, or breathe if the airway is just partially blocked. Usually, they can remove the blockage on their own :

    If this doesn’t help, give back blows.

    what to do if someone is choking

    Back blows

    Abdominal thrusts or Heimlich maneuver

    Giving abdominal thrusts to infants under 1-year-old or pregnant women is not advised.

    Give chest thrusts if the person is pregnant

    For an unconscious person

    Steps to perform CPR

    urgent care

    To open an infant's airway who is choking and is under 1 year old

    What should you do if an old person starts to choke?

    Complications of choking

    Get urgent medical help if they still have a persistent cough and they continue to experience a throat blockage. Serious injuries can result from abdominal thrusts. A medical expert should always check the patient after receiving this possibly life-saving treatment.