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  • Influenza Vaccine For Adults
  • Influenza Vaccine For Adults

      04/19/2023      Aaron Jackson

    Influenza Vaccine For Adults

    The influenza vaccine is an annual vaccination that protects against the flu, a viral respiratory infection that spreads quickly. The flu can cause major health issues and even death.

    Getting vaccinated is the most effective strategy to avoid the flu. There are varieties of flu vaccines:

    Flu shot: People six months and older are usually given the flu vaccination. It is an inactive vaccination, which means it is created from a dead version of the viruses against which the injection protects. You cannot become ill from dead microorganisms. An intradermal flu injection is available to anyone aged 18 to 64. This injection utilises a tiny needle and enters the top layer of skin rather than the muscle.

    Fluzone high dose: Because elderly people's immune systems are weaker, this inactivated vaccination was created for adults aged 65 and over. When available, it is suggested for this population over a standard flu vaccine.

    Influenza Vaccine For Adults

    Egg-free vaccines: These, unlike other flu vaccinations, are not generated within eggs. They are recommended for persons who have a severe egg allergy.

    Nasal spray: The flu vaccination for the nasal spray is a live attenuated vaccine or LAIV. It is manufactured from alive, but weakened, influenza viruses, compared to the flu shot. The nasal spray vaccination, on the other hand, does not cause the flu. The nasal spray may be administered to healthy, non-pregnant persons aged 2 to 49.
    The flu vaccine's three or four flu viruses vary from year to year. This is due to the fact that flu viruses are continually evolving. Each season, scientists create a new flu vaccination based on data that predict which strains are most likely to make you sick.

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    When should adults take the vaccine?

    Flu seasons vary according to where you live. The influenza season can last between October and May. As soon as the vaccine is available, you should be immunised. The flu vaccination takes around two weeks to begin functioning, so you need to be fully protected as soon as possible. The seasonal flu vaccination is generally available from September until March.

    Adult Flu Vaccine Side Effects and Risks

    Vaccines, like other drugs, can have negative effects. However, the risk of damage or death from the influenza vaccination is quite low.

    The flu shot and nasal spray can also induce a variety of negative effects.

    The following are possible flu shot adverse effects:

    The adult nasal spray flu vaccination may result in:

    Although it is uncommon, a severe adverse reaction to a vaccination component is possible. Such responses usually develop within a few minutes to a few hours of getting the vaccination. The symptoms mentioned below may indicate a serious allergic reaction:

    If you encounter any of these symptoms after having the influenza vaccination, seek emergency medical attention.

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