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  • What Are Pre-Migraine Symptoms?
  • What Are Pre-Migraine Symptoms?

      03/31/2023      Oliver

    What Are Pre-Migraine Symptoms?

    Some people may experience some symptoms before they have a migraine or while it begins. These are the prodrome symptoms, which are what medical professionals call pre-migraine symptoms. Extreme fatigue, agitation, motion sickness, and sensitivity to light are a few of them.

    There are four unique states of migraine. The prodrome stage of a migraine headache comprises one or more symptoms that alert you to the impending attack. It might start anywhere from a few hours and several days before the onset of a migraine attack.

    In the United States, migraine is a neurological condition that affects roughly 29.5 million people. Although it can affect anyone, around 75% of all those with the diagnosis are female.

    The most common symptom of migraine is a strong headache, but there are additional signs and symptoms that can occur. Some people may feel signs that a migraine is about to strike.

    Migraine warning signs

    A person may feel particular symptoms before a migraine. Some people may be able to take drugs because of early warning signs and symptoms of an approaching episode.

    Early signs of a migraine usually appear during the prodrome and aura phases of the headache.

    A prodrome might start a few hours or days before a migraine headache starts. Typically, an aura happens between five and sixty minutes before a migraine attack.

    Prodrome-related symptoms frequently include:


    Treatment for migraine

    Treatment for migraines combines abortive and preventative therapy, which entails dealing with headaches as they come on.

    Usually, one or more of the following are used in abortion therapies:

    Pre-migraine symptoms

    A doctor or healthcare team will probably suggest lifestyle adjustments for a person in addition to drugs so they can avoid their recognized triggers. Among the changes in lifestyle are:

    By making changes to one's lifestyle and using the medicine, one can help prevent migraine headaches.Visit Texas Specialty Clinics to prevent migraine attacks frequently. Call us now at 469-225-0666 or FAX us at (888) 900-4530.

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