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Cuts that need stitches vs ones that don’t?

Anyone can get cut from anywhere for example while working in the kitchen, playing on the ground, doing some machinery work, working with sharp objects, having small accidents, etc. Sometimes these cuts are cured on their own but other time they might need medical assistance. The requirement of urgent care depends on many factors like depth of cut, the flow of blood, damage to the skin, and many more as we discussed further in the blog.

Cuts also known as lacerations are among the most common workplace injuries in the U.S. Approximately, 30% of workplace injuries include cuts or lacerations (a deep cut or tear in skin). We at Texas Specialty Clinic provide urgent care services to minor injury patients with cuts or wounds. To understand what type of cut you got read more :

    • Depth or size of the cutA cut can be small or deep and whether it needs stitches or not, along with other factors dependent on the size of the cut. If the cut is deep and underneath it, white fatty tissues are showing then there might be a need for stitches and suture (a type of thread used to close the wound) :
      • If a cut is deep and longer than half an inch.
      • White fatty tissue, muscle, or bone is showing.
      • If the cut is wide.


  • Flow of bloodAfter the injury or cut, the amount of blood flow determines the severity of the cut. A cut with a heavy amount of blood flow that could not be stopped by heavy pressure through bandages/gauze and no temporary solution is working, may need stitches.In case of heavy bleeding (for more than 10 minutes) seek emergency care for treatment.
  • Location of the cutLocation-specific cuts need stitches as they can become more serious if not treated in time. For example; cuts near or in the joint area may need stitches. Especially, if that cut can harm the ligament or tendon there. Cuts near the genitals cause complications and cosmetically sensitive areas like the eye or cheek can have an impaired functioning issue.
  • Reason for a cutA source of the cut or wound can help to determine whether it needs medical assistance or not. A puncture wound caused by a human or animal bite is a case that needs tetanus and stitches.Cuts from some rusty or contaminated object and if a piece of gravel or glass got stuck into the skin, need the doctor’s attention.

If the cut is not treated or stitched when needed, it can cause an infection afterward that may have the following symptoms :

  • Redness around the cut or wound.
  • Formation of pus or white liquid.
  • Increased swelling.
  • Pain and irritation around the wound.
  • Fever.

After the recurring of the above symptoms, the infection is treated with stitches and some antibiotics are also provided. Immediately consult the doctor for necessary treatment. Texas Specialty Clinic treats all its urgent care patients on a priority basis.

First aid is to be given to the patient before stitching

  • Apply pressure on the injured area and try to elevate that portion to reduce the amount of bleeding.
  • Place the cotton or gauze into the cut and do not remove it until the bleeding lessens also use more cloth if needed.
  • After stopping bleeding, wash your hands and clean the injured area under running warm water and then apply bandages.
  • Now seek doctor’s help for further treatment.

Cuts that do not need Stitches

However, there are cuts that do not require medical assistance. They can get better on their own :

  • A cut that does not include fat or muscle tissue.
  • If a cut is not bleeding profusely.
  • Less than half an inch long.
  • If cuts are not wide open or no gaping.
  • Does not involve the facial area.

These types of cuts do not need medical assistance, they can get better independently. But, for fast healing at home, you can use antiseptic cream or gel.

If you got a cut or laceration and bleeding heavily, do not avoid it. Immediately consult urgent care services at our Texas Specialty Clinics. To know further or to book an appointment call (469) 545-9983.


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