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  • Kidney Infection - Symptoms and Treatment in Urgent Care
  • Kidney Infection - Symptoms and Treatment in Urgent Care

      09/27/2022      Amber

    Kidney Infection - Symptoms and Treatment in Urgent Care

    What is Kidney Infection?

    A kidney Infection is also known as Pyelonephritis or renal infection. It happens when bacteria and viruses cause problems in either of one the kidneys.

    A kidney infection is a urinary tract infection (UTI). A tube that carries urine from the body (urethra) gets a kidney infection first then it travels from one kidney to another if not get treated timely. Kidney infection can cause some serious threats to the body which we discuss later.

    Human kidney

    The function of the kidney in the Body - Being a part urinary tract kidney filters out waste from our body and extract extra water from the blood. They convert it into liquid waste and remove it from the body. The urinary tract is a combination of the following :

    For kidneys to work properly they all should work together and in proper function. When these parts work in alignment they perform these functions :

    urinary tract infection

    Symptoms related to Kidney Infection

    Kidney infection can lead to some serious consequences if it is not paid attention to on time. For identification of kidney infection observe some of the following symptoms :

    These symptoms vary according to a different age- groups. Like, kids younger than 12 years can have a mild fever, wet the bed, their pee smells bad, and others while people who are above 65 years can have memory problems (hallucination, confusion, jumbled speech) mixed with other symptoms which sometimes can be confusing.

    The development of symptoms of kidney infection is quite quick. It can be developed over a few hours or in a day.

    Pain of kidney infection

    If you develop any of these symptoms quickly contact your family doctor or you can also opt for services provided by urgent care for treatment of minor infection in the kidney.

    Texas Specialty Clinic provides the facility of urgent care to its patients. If you need to get urgently checked up for a Kidney Infection come to our clinic or you can also call (469) 545-9983 to book an appointment.

    Reasons for Kidney Infection

    Kidney infection generally occurs if there is a stone in the kidney or any other abnormality.

    Kidney Stones

    Treatment For Kidney Infection and Role of Urgent Care

    Under the condition of infection in the kidney patient is first given antibiotics. Usually, antibiotics and painkillers are able to do the work if the infection is minor otherwise patient can go for urgent treatment too. Let us see some recommendations for kidney infection treatment :

    Role of urgent care during kidney infection :-

    One can go to Urgent Care if he/she develops any symptoms of kidney infection or urinary tract infection. General Practitioners in urgent care will start the treatment as soon as they get test results.

    Urgent care treatment is also available for kids who are suffering from a kidney infection.

    Urgent care centers are responsible for minor treatments related to kidney infections.