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What can mess up a pregnancy test? | Texas Speciality Clinic

For easy testing of pregnancy, today’s market is filled with many at-home pregnancy test kits that a woman can use to test whether she is pregnant or not by following certain steps written in the instruction manual. But sometimes even with all these instructions, people can make mistakes or there can be some other issues too that can mess up your pregnancy test which we will talk about here.

All these at-home pregnancy test (HPTs) kits have helped every woman to take a test easily. They are easy to use as far as you follow the instruction manual carefully. If you are having any kind of doubt in any way you can always go to Texas Specialty Clinic and consult our doctors for your doubts.

What can be the factors that cause a pregnancy test to go wrong?

  • Started before reading the instruction manual :- Many people think that all at-home pregnancy test kits are the same but it is not the case for instruction manuals because every brand has its own set of instructions and procedures. An instruction manual consists of many pros and cons as well as some intrinsic information about the pregnancy. Also contains the crucial tips and basic questions that one can have when using the kit for example, how early and what time you can have the test? And not following the instruction guide can put you in trouble for a good period of time.
  • Not taking tests at right time :- When you got to know that you have missed your period you may tend to hurry up to know whether you are pregnant or not and may have an at-home pregnancy test. But the problem here is when to take the pregnancy test and what is the optimal time.

Testing too early can be a complete waste of the testing kit. This can be due to a specific hormone present in the blood known as human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone does not appear in urine until after a fertilized egg implants in your uterine wall. The appearance takes place usually 6 to 8 days before missing periods but the amount is almost undetectable in the initial days but it gets doubled every 24 hours. You can use a suitable early pregnancy test kit.

  • Having a medical condition :- Although it is not very common and can not necessarily affect the results in rare cases it can manipulate tests in some way. Health conditions related to the blood and urine may have effects like choriocarcinoma (a rare type of cancer found in the uterus), and breast, ovarian, or testicular cancer.
  • If you are on medication :- Some medications may produce a false effect. You can confirm this from your doctor if you are on some medication. This medication can be benzodiazepines, phenothiazine, promethazine, and others. All these can manipulate the results as they impact urine by contaminating it with blood or protein.
  • Defective testing kit :- This is also not regular (rarest case) but can have a significant effect on the results. A poorly designed test can hamper and alter the result. A test that is expired or over limits the time of manufacturing also produces false results.
  • Insensitive test of pregnancy :- It is not necessary that whatever the company is saying is 100% true which means there can be loopholes that are not visible at times but while working through it you can detect those. These test kits are made to check the amount of hCG hormone level in your body that is responsible for making up of placenta and the levels of these hCG hormones at the initial level are too low that they can only be detected by the most sensitive tests at this early stage. The amount of hCG hormone is doubling every 24 hours after the implantation.

Above are a few cases that can contribute to producing false effects but can be avoided by doing a clinical pregnancy test, it means you can go to a clinic for a pregnancy test. In clinics, these tests are analyzed and results are generated in the laboratory itself. You can expect it to be 100% true in almost every case except the time of some error.

Join hands with Texas Specialty Clinic to eliminate whatever doubt you have and also what is the right way to approach your pregnancy ahead. To book an appointment call (469) 545-9983.


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